Sunday, June 6, 2010

3D Models, Prototypes and Bronzes

The Ranger
- visualized as a bronze -
(dude and hat modeled in Sculptris, base modeled in Carrara, rendering in Carrara)

Actually a bronze is a bit spendy, but a few years ago I had a "rapid prototype" zcorp procress figurine made from a model I made in Hexagon. I sent that to another service bureau who cast some resin figurines that came out pretty nice, even had a bronzy coloration... I do not like colored figurines, they look like bobble head dolls to me, and while my "Ranger" is still a caricature of sorts, I think he would work as a bronze replica. I have dabbled in western painting (yes gallery stuff) and greeting cards for over 30 years and I still have the dream to do these... dudes, horses, etc.

The Ranger as a painted (bobble-head) figurine - cheezy...

I understand that the company who did the rapid prototype for me now has the ability to take the 3d model directly to resin castings... so, it's all a matter of $$ (what else is new?) I haven't heard of any prototype companies going directly to bronze, but that would still be a really expensive foundary operation, I suppose.

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