Saturday, April 16, 2011

A "MUST SEE" For those interested in the process of art

Amazingly insightful video from a master artist...
Whether caricaturist or traditional portrait artist - don't miss this one!

This is from the National Portrait Gallery and was posted on Facebook.
It is so chock-full of the true essence and appreciation of doing art that I had to share it.
   Frankly it gave me a renewed appreciation (make that love) for my craft that decades of commercial work can tend to dampen. Immersion into the hustle of deadlines and the indifference - often the callous ignorance - of some clients can make you forget that you aren't doing the work for them, but for those that view the art.
   With the internet any art (or image) has gained perpectual longevity. I've actually seen work I did for a publication in 1969 pop up on the 'net (in a portfolio for an ad agency) - it was a drawing of the entrance to a landmark restaurant on Miami Beach.
   For years I've had to say to myself on many occasions "this is for the portfolio" - in other words try to go beyond the expectations of your client... the isolation of an artist and constant pressure and bombardment can grind down the spark of creativity.
   Constant contact with other creative people is really essential. 

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