Saturday, May 12, 2007

Warm fuzzies and cold noses

Carol and I are pushovers for cold noses and friendly waggers.

We have 9 pup dogs of varying sizes and unknown ancestery. They
are all wonderful members of our family and each has a distinct personality. I'm still gathering photos to post of the ones not shown here.

Dinky: Dinky (chihuahua) is our youngest, loudest and smallest, bringing our k9 family to a total of 9. She weighed in art a whopping 4.6 ounces when we brought her home. She's around 4 pounds now. In the photo she's helping Carol with tech support on her laptop.

Jake: He's a rascal, we call him our rubber dog - holding him is like picking up a 18 pound tube full of jello. He snitches a cookie or sausage when we're not looking.

Lilly: Lilly with the enormous ears is our bat-girl. Partly Manchester Terrier, she is a real lady, a lightweight at around 12 lbs. She is a couch-percher and one of her favorite places is on the back of the couch right behind Carol's head when she isn't snuggling against her feet. We get sweaters for them when the weather gets nippy.

Betsy, our next-to smallest little Chihuahua blondie, snuggles in Carol's robe. She's another cutie and grins and give me "high-5's" and loves to use my knee as a pillow.

Max also helps Carol with tech support with her laptop. Max is a mix Rottie and (?)... well, he's a low-rider with short legs... a sweetheart that resembles a Bassett with a Rotweiler head.

This little lady is Gracie. The picture was taken just after we got her... she has grown a little, but she is still a tiny pup. She is mostly Whippet sweet and feisty too. Our neighbor brought his 150-lb. rotweiller over one day and Gracie proceeded to bite her on the ankle. Scared the poor rottie. At times she is timid and if somebody is rattling bags or other things, she runs and jumps in my lap for protection. A real sweetheart... too cute!

We call her Ginger-Snap too. We think she is a rat-terrier mix. She has gotten a bit chubby since we got her - they are all spoiled rotten. This sweetie is a two tone lady and does a little go-round dance when somebody opens the doggy-treats.
I caught her here when she was trying to get her beauty nap - so sorry little lady... excuuuse me!

At left, Lilly relaxes in one of her favorite places, next to Carol and under a blanket. Years ago we had a kitty named Salty who liked riding on the dashboard in the car, and perching on your back.

We have had a menagerie of fuzzy family members over the years, and every one of them will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We have been blessed with their companionship and count it grace that the Lord has shared them with us.

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