Friday, May 11, 2007

Trippin' down memory lane...

The dude in Oregon (circa 1977) and the 'Camaro Z28
fresh off the showroom floor

After burning out as an art director in Miami in 1973 I visited my aunt in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I had never been to the northwest and figured that it would be about as far as I could get from Miami and still be in the US (short of going to Alaska).

Oregon was a jolt to my system... the air was cleaner, no Miami heat and humidity, and I finally understood the John Denver song "Rocky Mountain High" even though I was seeing the Cascades instead of the rockies. In a word, I was hooked.

I moved to Eugene in the fall of 1974, and discovered that Eugene was a magnet for creative folks, authors, photographers and artists. I never met so many nationally known creative people. National publishers were coming to the area as well, and within a year or so I was doing paperback covers and posters that were selling all over the country.

So... what else could happen?

One day this sweet lady (I learned later that she attended the same church I was going to) came in to the company where I was the art director asking for a job. We were married about a year later.

Carol Bouler, originally of Alabama, was and still is my sweetheart and loving wife. (She's a darn great cook and loves puppy dogs too.... another story for another time).

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